Education partners

In collaboration with select leaders in the business and finance communities, we create high-quality and trusted wealth education products across a multi-channel network, maximising the full learning potential of various audiences.


Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank utilises the CPD-accredited educational content created by evolution media group, including Money Masters, Thought Leaders, FPA Quarterly Updates and Market Updates, to train and up-skill the group’s network of financial advisers to enable them to provide better advice to Australians.


BT Group Licensees

BT Group Licensees has implemented a fully accredited, bespoke professional development program for its advice practitioners across the group’s BT Select, Magnitude, and Securitor dealer groups. The learning program is based around the highly successful No More Practice TV show which the group has also featured in.



AMP advice leaders are featured in No More Practice TV programming, editorial content and events in order to connect with more professionals across the wealth advice sector.

Orbis Investment Management

Orbis Investments is both a long-term partner of No More Practice, and an ongoing creative client for evolution media group, which creates content for the firm globally. The group also shares our passion for high quality educational content that reaches people in new ways.

UBS Asset Management

UBS Asset Management is a longstanding partner of our education business, No More Practice. The group shares our view that education is critical to the future of wealth creation. UBS has appeared, since inception, in The Investment Series, now screening on Channel Nine, and continues to work with No More Practice in creating ongoing education for both advisers and consumers.

Platinum Asset Management

Platinum Asset Management is an ongoing partner of No More Practice with a firm belief in the role of education in enhancing the financial futures of all Australians. Platinum is involved in the No More Practice TV series which screens on Nine Network, and works with us to create video education content on thematic issues relevant to advisers and investors, as well as structured training for advisers.



To inspire well-rounded advice professionals, the FPA has partnered with No More Practice to deliver an accredited cognitive learning program to over 10,000 trusted advisers Australia-wide.

AIA Australia

AIA Australia is a partner of No More Practice in our TV show, The Investment Series. The life insurer will be featured in the upcoming No More Practice TV series and will contribute regularly to educating audiences around the importance of life insurance and issues affecting both advisers and consumers.

Nikko Asset Management

Nikko Asset Management is a long-term partner focused on value investing and believes education is critical to better investment outcomes. The firm features in our Channel 9 TV program The Investment Series, and has an ongoing commitment to providing advisers with though leadership via our licensee education partnerships.