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14 Mar '14

3 millionaire traits you can adopt for...

This week Lord Jeffrey Archer spoke passionately about rising to the top and how this can be affected by where and how you grew up. It got me thinking, especially having grown up in rural New South Wales, about what … Read More

13 Mar '14

Press Release: Lord Jeffrey Archer on...

Best-selling author and former British politician, Lord Jeffery Archer, reveals the many twists and turns of a life story that would rival even the most far-fetched work of fiction, in an interview for The Bottom Line, set to air on … Read More

07 Mar '14

3 tips for using storytelling to lead

This week Gabi Hollows shared with us her passion for working with Indigenous Australians and her gratitude to the communities for having welcomed her into their culture.

Drawing on dreamtime narratives of creation and law, Indigenous Australians rely on storytelling … Read More

06 Mar '14

Press Release: Gabi Hollows mission to beat...

Gabi Hollows has revealed intimate details of family life with and without husband Fred, in an exclusive interview with Channel Nine’s The Bottom Line, set to air at 4.00pm on Saturday 8 March.

Hollows describes her passion for the Foundation … Read More

05 Mar '14

3 ways to get around obstacle people

In your working life you are always going to come across people that are, well, just plain difficult. Whether they are a colleague in your office, a client or a key external stakeholder, there is no getting away from the … Read More

01 Mar '14

3 tips for building resilience to achieve...

Celebrity Chef and businessman Curtis Stone talks with Alex Malley this week about the importance of putting yourself out there and how imperative it is to take initiative if you want to rise to the top of your game.

It … Read More

28 Feb '14

Press Release: Curtis Stone turns passion...

Aussie chef, author and television personality Curtis Stone has credited the time he spent playing Aussie Rules football in Melbourne as the perfect training for life in commercial kitchens.

In an exclusive interview with Channel Nine’s The Bottom Line, Stone … Read More

22 Feb '14

3 ways to make more time for personal growth...

How important do you think it is to carve out time for personal growth and creative idea generation? We interviewed internationally renowned author Matthew Reilly and couldn’t help but ask ourselves this question.

Reilly talks passionately about his path to … Read More

21 Feb '14

3 ways to avoid making the same mistake twice

While I tend to spend more time writing about the positive actions you can take to grow the value of you and your business, sometimes it is worth talking about the things NOT to do. And for anyone who has … Read More

20 Feb '14

Press Release: Why never giving up has made...

Just two years on from the tragic death of his wife in 2011, best-selling author Matthew Reilly has emerged stronger than ever, inspired by the healing powers of storytelling.

In an exclusive interview with Channel Nine’s The Bottom Line airing … Read More