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02 May '14

3 reasons why nice girls always finish first

In a world filled with high-pressure, over-competitive professionals it is hard to believe that being nice can get you anywhere. Thankfully, as history would have it, it does. TV personality, Lisa Wilkinson talks about being bullied out of her dream … Read More

30 Apr '14

Press Release: Lisa Wilkinson from...

Journalist, broadcaster and television personality, Lisa Wilkinson, explains how her early childhood experiences with school-yard bullying have helped shape her career and successes, in an exclusive interview with Channel Nine’s The Bottom Line (airing Saturday 3 May at 4.00pm).

In … Read More

24 Apr '14

3 reasons why stress management is key to...

We have all had moments, days, or even weeks where work can be overpoweringly stressful or consuming.

Angus Houston talks about the pressure of his roles within the Air Force and how he believed one of the keys to his … Read More

22 Apr '14

Press Release: Angus Houston explains...

Former Australian Defence Force Chief and head of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) in the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, Air Chief Marshal (Ret’d) Angus Houston, talks about the dangers of executing military and rescue operations, the harsh … Read More

18 Apr '14

5 reasons to put your customer first

It might sound like an obvious thing to do: put your customer first. But what does that actually mean when it comes to your business and leadership opportunities?

Myer CEO Bernie Brookes referenced the need to adjust the way the … Read More

14 Apr '14

Press Release: Former stock boy turned CEO...

Myer’s reappointed Chief Executive and Managing Director, Bernie Brookes outlines his ambitious plans to drive a 100 day transformation for Myer: strengthening reward programs, customer service, online delivery and experience, store layouts and revamping product, in an exclusive interview with … Read More

10 Apr '14

3 tips for building transferable skills

In her bid to secure the role of Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Helen Clark identified what she believed to be an opportunity to fill a leadership gap within the team. She understood she was not the candidate … Read More

06 Apr '14

Press Release: Former NZ Prime Minister...

Helen Clark has revealed intimate details about her early family life in New Zealand, her time as Prime Minister and her current role at the United Nations, in an exclusive interview on The Bottom Line, set to air … Read More

04 Apr '14

3 reasons to see the silver lining in defeat

In the pursuit of great leadership one thing continues to come up: overcoming defeat or mistakes is all part of the journey. Mickey Arthur describes this process as your ‘bounce-back ability’ and argues it is one of the defining factors … Read More

01 Apr '14

Press Release: Mickey Arthur reflects on the...

Former Australian cricket coach, Mickey Arthur reflects on the perils of leadership and his sudden sacking by Cricket Australia in an honest and revealing interview for The Bottom Line, to be aired on Saturday 5 April at 4.00pm on Channel Nine.

The interview comes just weeks after … Read More