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01 Apr '15

Press Release: The Bottom Line Season 3...

Sunday mornings couldn’t get any easier following a recent announcement by Nine that selected episodes of the from the third season of the award winning leaderships series, The Bottom Line, will return Sundays at 10am.

Season three of the series … Read More

25 Jul '14

3 questions to ask yourself to make the...

Making the world a better place can sound a bit naff and all too hard, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be as simple as returning a strangers smile or being open to random conversation in the coffee … Read More

23 Jul '14

Keynote speaker Vanessa Stoykov opens Secure...

evolution media group CEO, Vanessa Stoykov visited the Knox career night, Secure Your Future, Wednesday, 23 July held at the Knox Grammar School. Vanessa took the stage as the Keynote Speaker to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur – … Read More

22 Jul '14

Press Release: Maggie Beer on The Bottom Line

In an exclusive final interview for season three of The Bottom Line, (Saturday 26 July at 4:00pm on Channel Nine), Australia’s famous food aficionado, Maggie Beer, talks with host and CPA Australia’s Chief Executive, Alex Malley, about her financially confronting childhood … Read More

18 Jul '14

3 reasons asking the hard questions can...

Some of the most inspiring and transformative moments have been born out of someone asking the hard questions, and as a result giving the person on the other side the chance to respond in a way that has the power … Read More

16 Jul '14

Press Release: George Negus reflects on...

In an exclusive interview with The Bottom Line (Saturday 20 July at 4:00pm on Channel Nine) veteran Australian journalist, George Negus joins host and CPA Australia Chief Executive, Alex Malley, to talk about his extraordinary journalistic career.

In this inspiring … Read More

30 Jun '14

3 ways positive thinking can change your...

People have famously written books about this topic – for good reason. Lorna Jane exudes positive energy and it is not hard to see why people are drawn to someone with that kind of spirit. Inherently we are all searching … Read More

25 Jun '14

Press Release: Lorna Jane Clarkson talks...

In an exclusive interview with The Bottom Line, (Saturday 28 June at 4:00pm on Channel Nine) Founder of active wear label Lorna Jane, Lorna Jane Clarkson tells host and CPA Australia Chief Executive, Alex Malley, how her empire has been … Read More

12 Jun '14

3 tips for identifying a good business idea...

If you are innovative, hardworking and entrepreneurial in nature, chances are you have had plenty of money making ideas that could have been the next big thing. So how do you take your ideas and do something potentially profitable with … Read More

11 Jun '14

Press Release: Red Balloon Founder Naomi...

In an exclusive interview with The Bottom Line (Saturday 14 June at 4.00pm on Channel Nine) Founding Director of RedBalloon, Naomi Simson explains why she is still trying to prove herself, even after building a multimillion-dollar company.

“I still don’t … Read More