Our mission

We are on a mission to make wealth, finance and business products more accessible. Evolution media group is increasing people’s knowledge base and decision-making ability around business and finance through entertaining multi-platform educational content.

Established in 1999 by founder and chief executive, Vanessa Stoykov, evolution media group boasts a unique combination of depth of financial knowledge and the ability to tell incredible stories.

Putting a focus on ‘educating the educators’, the company delivers new techniques to wealth advisers to assist them in better communicating and serving the wider population around finance principles. The practical outcome of this is prosperity for all, as better equipped, qualified and successful wealth professionals create more long-term prosperity for their clients.

Our creative approach to education sets us apart and makes us part of the new breed of communicators who are acknowledging the way that people learn needs to change in line with their demanding work and life commitments.

Our management team is highly experienced, with a blend of business acumen and creativity, and deep exposure to the financial services industry. A team built on passion; we constantly measure our success through the lens of our audiences and communities and are always looking for new ways to deliver quality wealth education on business and finance in an entertaining fashion.


Vanessa Stoykov
group chief executive

Vanessa Stoykov is the founder of No More Practice, founder and chief executive of evolution media group, and creator of the Channel Nine hit The Investment Series. A respected thought leader in the finance industry, she features regularly in industry publications and is an in-demand keynote speaker.

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Marcus Field

Marcus Field is the managing director of No More Practice Education and is responsible for its strategic direction in delivering the highest possible quality education for advisers and consumers alike. His role is pivotal in client strategy and content development as well as the engagement of our 35,000+ subscribers.



Paul Wodrow
creative director

Paul Wodrow is the creative director of No More Practice and evolution media group. Here, he plays a vital role in all aspects of strategy and direction for key clients and content properties to ensure their stories are told in an engaging and refreshing way.



Nancy Lipman
project head

As project head, Nancy works closely with the chief executive on coordinating the fusion between our adviser audiences and our message to the end consumer. She has wide-ranging experience which includes managing large scale events, to developing artists and celebrity communities.